If you are currently a CMS user or developer,  you are going to love In Browser Editing.   Make life easier and less demanding. Updating a site could not be easier.

Up dating your site could never be easier, login, make changes and publish.

A new feature in web design is In-Browser Editing, it allows you (and others you invite) to make simple text and image edits to the live site, using nothing more than a browser and login information. You can then incorporate those changes back into the original site file, if you want. This can be a great way for your web clients to make those simple text and image changes.

  • Editing text
  • Editing images
  • Editing images within text
  • Editing hyperlinks
  • Upload files
  • Edit hyperlink to update email address
  • Edit an internal link to point to an anchor on the page

The following items are not editable: We felt this to be a good thing.


  • Master page content
  • Vertically oriented text
  • Images set as background fills in rectangles, image frames, and widgets
  • Slideshow counters
  • Form submit buttons
  • Dynamically generated menu labels (in Menu widgets not set to Manual)
  • Rasterized page items: This includes images with rounded corners, beveled edges, inner glow, or rotation applied, text frames using system fonts, and rotated text frames with effects applied.
  • Although text content is editable, the formatting of that text cannot be changed. Images can only be replaced, not added or removed.



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